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Two Post Lift

Top Two Post Lift Suppliers In China

By constantly developing our ideas and engineering, Xianghong Automatic Automobile Maintenance Equipment (Liaoning) Co., Ltd has become one of the nation’s leading two post lift suppliers, and we are not stopping now. We are always looking for ways to improve the design and functionality of our lifts to make them last longer and make our shops safer and more productive.

How We Are The Top Two Post Lift Manufacturers?


Our two-post car lifts are designed and built in China to the highest of standards. We are the top two post lift suppliers and each lift comes with a two-year warranty, and you can rely on our in-house experts and a nationwide network of licensed distributors for the best guidance, support, and service.

Being the top 2 post lift manufacturers, we provide a warranty and are ever ready to resolve all the issues. 2 post lifts are less expensive and take up less space than 4 post lifts, making them a popular choice among service garages and automobile workshops.

The larger models, which have lifting capacities of up to 7T, are more than capable of managing the growing number of heavier automobiles and vehicles and can deliver a good return on investment.


There are several low-quality 2 post lifts on the market, and these lifts can be dangerous sometimes. But, we, the top two post lift manufacturers, provide the best quality products. Our highest quality of all our products makes us the prominent two post lift and 2 post car lift suppliers in China.

Regulations Concerning Safety:

The whole 2 post vehicle lift line complies with and often exceeds all Chinese safety laws. If you are thinking about buying a lift from another manufacturer, we strongly suggest you ask a lot of questions beforehand. But it is recommended to consult with the best 2 post lift manufacturers, like us.

Why Choose Us?


Since 2020, we have been in the manufacturing business. This distinguishes us from the other 2 post lift manufacturers in the market. We know the ins and outs of the industry and exactly what customers want. We are currently competing with several manufacturers while maintaining our market share.

To maintain our position as the best two post lift manufacturers, and scissor lift manufacturers we are simple to manage and available 24/7.

The Best Sources:

We can work with small start-ups or the largest global OEMs because of our considerable technical and human resources. Also, we, the top two post lift manufacturers, place a high value on our customer service. We strive to form strong, strategic connections with each of our clients to provide high-quality service.

These business connections allow us to mass-produce products in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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