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Tire Changer

Top-Quality Tire Changer Manufacturer In China

Xianghong Automatic Automobile Maintenance Equipment (Liaoning) Co., Ltd is a leading tire changer manufacturer in China. We have a professional technician, a design team, high-precision production equipment, flawless production lines, high-quality products, and excellent after-sales service. We also provide services of two post lift, 2 post car lift, scissor lift, car lift . This makes us the foremost tire changer supplier.

Xianghong is the top tire changer manufacturer and is entirely committed to developing sophisticated and high-quality products based on the ideals of professionalism, credibility, innovation, and win-win. The Xianghong team will serve you with full seriousness; let’s work together to create a win-win situation!!!

Features Of Our Tire Changer Making Us The Top Tire Changer Supplier

Wide Application:

We, the top tire changer supplier, provide tires ranging in size. It is suitable for practically many tires, from automobiles to light trucks.

Coating Of High Quality:

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, as it is coated with a bright anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating. It is also simple to clean.

Design That Is Easy To Use:

The bead-breaking machine is simple to use and can quickly break the beads. This tire strip has been intended to save time and effort while tightening.

Easy To Assemble:

It is simple to put together because it comes with all the hardware. The easy-to-follow guidelines are simple to combine and can help you save time.

Sturdy And Lasting Material:

This tire changer is composed of strong iron that will keep its shape for a long time. It provides perfect stability and balance under heavy wheels, ensuring safe and convenient work.

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Team:

A dedicated team of highly qualified specialists and engineers at Xianghong Automatic Automobile Maintenance Equipment are dedicated to developing innovative solutions and shaping the future of the automotive industry. Xianghong, the leading tire changer manufacturer, has always paid close attention to quality control and client needs to respond to market changes, address specific consumer wants, and predict market trends, as well as strengthen and solidify the Xianghong brand.

Elementary Work:

Every new project at Xianghong, a reliable tire changer supplier, follows the design guideline and concept of simplifying everyday work, combining all steps of your operation into simplified, easy functions, and enhancing every setup speed to make your operation safe on the wheel and fast on work.

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